Tribeca Venture Partners

Do you believe in going big or going home? …we do too

Do you believe one person can change the world or an industry? …we do too

Have a big idea and need a little capital and a lot of help? …that’s what we do

Dream big and let us help you fulfill your vision


Tribeca Venture Partners2

We’re entrepreneurs too. We know what it’s like to be up at 3am obsessed about an idea. We’ve been operating and investing in early stage companies for almost 20 years (yes, we’re getting old).  We use everything we’ve learned, everyone we know, every resource at our disposal and our well-earned startup “spidey senses” to help the amazing entrepreneurs build tomorrow’s great companies.


Stage Focus: Early – and we mean it. Sometimes we back ideas on napkins and even ideas that haven’t even made it to the napkin stage yet. Sometimes we just launch companies with our own ideas. Most of the time, however, our first check comes during the Series A. Product in market, maybe some users and customers as well. We want to be the first institutional backer of your business so we can say we knew you when….

Sector Focus: A tight founding team that applies technology to the confluence of macro trends to create or disrupt a big market. We believe there’s a golden age of technology right now and we are all lucky to be living through it. There’s not a corner of the economy or any industry that will not be transformed by technology over the next ten years.

Geographic Focus: Mostly New York Metro because it’s the fastest growing market for innovation; we like to maximize our value to entrepreneurs by being nearby. We go to board meetings…yes…but it’s more about jumping on the subway and working the white board together. Having said that, we have ventured out occasionally (cheezy pun intended) and will invest anywhere our networks and great entrepreneurs take us but the bar is higher once you force Chip to get on a plane.

Investment Size: $100 thousand to $4 million depending on stage, sector, capital needs, our circadian rhythms on the day you ask, etc.


We invest in people first, second and third. People that inspire us and inspire those around them. People with the passion and obsession to see their visions through to the end no matter what the obstacle.

We back radical innovation, not incremental improvement. If you have a better photo sharing app or you’re looking to make a quick buck and flip your company we’re not the firm for you. If you’re attacking a big market and solving a big problem give us a call. If you think in terms of billions and not millions, give us a call. If your family and friends think you’re crazy for leaving that super high paying safe job to work 24/7 because you’re obsessed about what you want to do – give us a call.

If you love dogs and hate cats then give us a call. Actually you can call us if you like cats but just don’t bring one to our office – Brian’s allergic.

We work for our companies and hold ourselves accountable for getting things done. We’re helpful, not intrusive. The entrepreneurs we’ve backed have called us 3.14159265359 times for every 1 time we call them.

We are relentless seekers of truth and devout practitioners of intellectual honesty. We don’t take ourselves too seriously. Life is too short.


We meet lots of companies and founders with ideas that aren’t companies yet. Some ring the startup tuning fork in our gut and we work on these with the founders.  If we all believe we can build a great company together we invest and usually take a board seat.  If only there were a more structured magic investment process formula but there isn’t.

By the way, we’re wrong all the time.  It’s part of the gig.  So if we say no it’s nothing personal and just know that we’ve been rejected many times before.  Not everyone has the same vision of the future – and that’s ok.




Jonathan Hsu

CFO and COO, AppNexus
Jonathan is Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer of AppNexus. A respected media and tech industry veteran, he previously served as CEO of Recyclebank, one of Fast Company’s “50 Most Innovative Companies in the World.”

Prior to that, Jonathan spent 11 years in a number of executive roles – including CEO, COO, and CFO – at 24/7 Media, leading the company through its $649 million sale to WPP, the world leader in marketing communications. Jonathan was also an M&A investment banker at JP Morgan. Jonathan is a Director on Evidon’s Board, an advisor to Tribeca Venture Partners, and a mentor in the NYC Venture Fellows Program.

He has served on the World Economic Forum Technology Pioneers Council, Media.NYC.2020 Committee, Green.NYC.2025 Committee, and White House Forum on Business Innovation.

Jonathan holds a BA in Economics from Harvard University and an MBA in Strategic Management and Finance from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

Stephen Messer

Vice Chairman, Cross Commerce Media
Mr. Messer is co-founder and Vice Chairman of Collective, Mr. Messer and his sister, Ms. Heidi Messer, co-founded LinkShare Corporation, which is host to one of the world's largest online affiliate networks.

With Mr. Messer as its Chairman and CEO, LinkShare was recognized by Deloitte and Touche for two consecutive years as the fastest growing technology company in the New York Region. LinkShare was also named the Best Affiliate Network Provider in 2002 by ABestWeb.

Mr. Messer was awarded the Best Service to the Industry award, recognizing his contributions to development of the affiliate marketing industry. In 2005, Mr. Messer was awarded the prestigious Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for the New York Region. LinkShare was sold to Rakuten for $425m in 2005.

Mr. Messer holds a J.D. from the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law in New York and a B.A. from Lafayette University.

Will Margiloff

CEO, IgnitionOne
Will Margiloff serves as CEO of IgnitionOne. Margiloff is charged with the overall vision and strategic direction of IgnitionOne’s services and Digital Marketing Suite.

With digital marketing experience stretching back to 1995, Margiloff brings unparalleled innovation and expertise to the company and to the industry. As one of the early pioneers in the Internet marketing field, he has helped revolutionize the online landscape, leading the use of new online advertising formats and technologies.

Brian O’Kelley

Founder & CEO, AppNexus
As CEO of AppNexus, the world leader in real-time advertising technology, Brian and his team are building the company to be the lynchpin of the display advertising industry, offering a highly scalable ad technology platform upon which other companies build their advertising businesses.

Widely considered a visionary in online advertising, Brian O’Kelley created the first successful ad exchange as CTO of Right Media (acquired by Yahoo! for $850MM in July 2007) before co-founding AppNexus. An innovator throughout his career,

Brian was CEO of Netamorphosis, an early social networking and e-commerce site, co-founder of Cetova, a web-based reporting and analytics platform for enterprise financial systems, and EVP at LogicSpan, a consulting and technology integration firm specializing in real-time personalization and real-time ad optimization.

Today, in addition to his role at AppNexus, Brian is also an active investor in and early-stage advisor to dozens of ad technology companies in the ecosystem including Invite Media (now owned by Google), MediaMath, Media6Degrees and Solve Media.

Brian has a computer science degree from Princeton University.

Jacob Pechenik

Founder & CEO, YellowJacket
Jacob is currently the Founder & CEO of Venture Forth Productions, a specialty film finance and production company. Previously, Jacob was founder and CEO of YellowJacket, which was acquired by IntercontinentalExchange (NYSE:ICE) in January 2008.

Jacob has nearly two decades of experience in the development and support of enterprise-class trading platforms for large financial services firms and Fortune 500 companies. Prior to establishing YellowJacket in 2003, Jacob founded and served as the CEO of TechTrader, a provider of business-to-business enterprise software for public and private trading exchanges catering to the direct materials markets.

A frequent speaker and widely acknowledged industry expert, Jacob has been featured in numerous industry and business publications and conferences. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.